Human Biochemistry and Disease book cover

Human Biochemistry and Disease

This textbook is specifically designed for upper-division undergraduate or graduate students in life science or pre-medical majors including dentistry or pharmacology, who are required to take a biochemistry or medical biochemistry course, but who are not necessarily biochemistry majors. The book adopts a unique approach to the topic compared with other biochemistry textbooks currently available, in that each biochemical subject is introduced by a human disease relating the biochemical principles to be developed in that chapter. The goal is to make biochemistry more meaningful to the student who is not normally shown the connection between biochemistry and medicine.

Upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and medical students who must take a required biochemistry or medical biochemistry course as part of their graduation requirement.

Hardbound, 1272 Pages

Published: January 2008

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-452815-4


  • Introduction and general considerations.Proteins.Enzymes.Carbohydrates.Lipids.Nucleic acids and molecular genetics.Transcription.Polypeptide hormones.Steroid hormones.Metabolism.Growth factors and cytokines.Membrane transport.Dietary metals, iron, micronutrients and nutrition.Blood and lymphatic system.Immunobiochemistry.Neurobiochemistry.Microbial biochemistry.Appendices.Glossary.Index.


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