Human Aggression

Theories, Research, and Implications for Social Policy

Edited by

  • Russell Geen, University of Missouri, Columbia, U.S.A.
  • Edward Donnerstein, University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.A.

For centuries, scholars have debated the causes of aggression and the means to reduce its occurrence. Human Aggression brings together internationally recognized experts discussing the most current psychological research on the causes and prevention of aggression. Scholars, policy makers, practitioners, and those generally concerned with the growing issue of aggression find this a much needed reference work. Topics include how aggression is related to the usage of drugs, how temperature affects aggression, the effect of the mass media on aggression, violence by men against women, and the treatment of anger/aggression in clinical settings. The book also provides a comprehensive review of theory and methodology in the study of aggression.
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Academics and researchers in social psychology, personality, cognitive psychology and sociology.


Book information

  • Published: August 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-278805-5

Table of Contents

R.G. Geen, Processes and Personal Variables in Affective Aggression.B.J. Bushman and C.A. Anderson, Methodology in the Study of Aggression: Integrating Experimental and Nonexperimental Findings.L. Berkowitz, Affective Aggression: The Role of Stress, Pain, and Negative Affect.L.R. Huesmann, The Role of Social Information Processing and Cognitive Schema in the Acquisition and Maintenance of Habitual Aggressive Behavior.R.F. Baumeister and J.M. Boden, Aggression and the Self: High Self-Esteem, Low Self-Control, and Ego Threat.S.P. Taylor and M.R. Hulsizer, Psychoactive Drugs and Human Aggression.S.L. Smith and E. Donnerstein, Harmful Effects of Exposure to Media Violence: Learning of Aggression, Emotional Desensitization, and Fear.J.W. White and R.M. Kowalski, Male Violence Toward Women: An Integrated Perspective.N.M. Malamuth, The Confluence Model as an Organizing Framework for Research on Sexually Aggressive Men: Risk Moderators, Imagined Aggression, and Pornography Consumption.C.A. Anderson and K.B. Anderson, Temperature and Aggression: Paradox, Controversy, and a (Fairly) Clear Picture.Index.