How to Write a Guideline from Start to Finish book cover

How to Write a Guideline from Start to Finish

A Handbook for Healthcare Professionals

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. It provides a handbook for health professionals on the process of Guidelines preparation and implementation - from start to finish. It includes many real life examples of each step in the process as illustrated from existing Guidelines. Information is provided on how to access the extensive literature that is available throughout the world by inclusion of a comprehensive list of important sites - an extremely valuable and time-saving resource.

Paperback, 184 Pages

Published: December 2007

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-10035-2


  • Chapter 1. Introduction, M. Atkinson

    Chapter 2. Developing a National Guideline, T. Stephenson

    Chapter 3. Developing Local Guidelines, M. Atkinson

    Chapter 4. Getting started – or Working Back to Front, R. Bowker

    Chapter 5. Forming Clinical Questions, R. Bowker

    Chapter 6. Searching for Evidence, R.Bowker

    Chapter 7. Critical Appraisal and Building Evidence Tables, R. Bowker

    Chapter 8. Consensus Processes, K. Armon

    Chapter 9. The Delphi Consensus Process, K. Armon

    Chapter 10. Health Economics, H.-R. Douglas

    Chapter 11. Making Recommendations, M. Lakhanpaul

    Chapter 12. The Audit Package, R. MacFaul

    Chapter 13. Appraisal, R. Bowker

    Chapter 14. Dissemination and Implementation - or Getting the Message Across, M. Lakhanpaul

    Chapter 15. Legal Issues, R. Bowker

    Appendix 1: The AGREE Appraisal Instrument

    Appendix 2: Care Pathways



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