How to Cheat at Configuring VmWare ESX Server book cover

How to Cheat at Configuring VmWare ESX Server

A virtual evolution in IT shops large and small has begun. VMware’s ESX Server is the enterprise tool to free your infrastructure from its physical limitations providing the great transformation into a virtual environment--this book shows you how. Use Syngress’ proven “How to Cheat” methodology to configure and build VMware’s ESX Server version 3. This clear, concise guide provides all the information you need to become a virtual whiz!This book will detail the default and custom installation of VMware’s ESX server as well as basic and advanced virtual machine configurations. It will then walk the reader through post installation configurations including installation and configuration of VirtualCenter. From here, readers will learn to efficiently create and deploy virtual machine templates. Best practices for securing and backing up your virtual environment are also provided. The book concludes with a series of handy, time-saving command and configuration for: bash shell keystrokes, Linux commands, configuration files, common/proc files, VMware ESX commands, and troubleshooting.

System administrators

Paperback, 392 Pages

Published: December 2007

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-194-5


  • Chapter 1: VirtualCenter OverviewChapter 2: ESX InstallationChapter 3: ESX Post Install ConfigurationChapter 4: Installing VirtualCenterChapter 5: VirtualCenter ConfigurationChapter 6: Creating a new virtual serverChapter 7: Creating Virtual Machine TemplatesChapter 8: Deploying Virtual Machines from templatesChapter 9: Security ModelChapter 10: Backup ProcessChapter 11: Best PracticesChapter 12: Updating the ESX operating system.Chapter 13: ESX Command and configuration Tips


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