How to Cheat at Configuring Open Source Security Tools book cover

How to Cheat at Configuring Open Source Security Tools

The Perfect Reference for the Multitasked SysAdminThis is the perfect guide if network security tools is not your specialty. It is the perfect introduction to managing an infrastructure with freely available, and powerful, Open Source tools. Learn how to test and audit your systems using products like Snort and Wireshark and some of the add-ons available for both. In addition, learn handy techniques for network troubleshooting and protecting the perimeter.* Take InventorySee how taking an inventory of the devices on your network must be repeated regularly to ensure that the inventory remains accurate.* Use NmapLearn how Nmap has more features and options than any other free scanner.* Implement FirewallsUse netfilter to perform firewall logic and see how SmoothWall can turn a PC into a dedicated firewall appliance that is completely configurable.* Perform Basic HardeningPut an IT security policy in place so that you have a concrete set of standards against which to measure. * Install and Configure Snort and WiresharkExplore the feature set of these powerful tools, as well as their pitfalls and other security considerations.* Explore Snort Add-OnsUse tools like Oinkmaster to automatically keep Snort signature files current.* Troubleshoot Network ProblemsSee how to reporting on bandwidth usage and other metrics and to use data collection methods like sniffing, NetFlow, and SNMP.* Learn Defensive Monitoring ConsiderationsSee how to define your wireless network boundaries, and monitor to know if they’re being exceeded and watch for unauthorized traffic on your network.

System administrators and security professionals

Paperback, 528 Pages

Published: May 2007

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-170-9


  • Presenting the Business Case for Free Solutions
    Protecting Your Perimeter
    Protecting Network Resources
    Deploying Snort
    Deploying Wireshark
    Deploying Nessus
    Securing your Wireless Network
    Using Penetration Testing Tools
    Reporting and Analysis


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