Housing, Care and Psychological Well-Being of Captive and Laboratory Primates

Edited by

  • Evalyn F. Segal, San Diego State University


  • Evalyn F. Segal, San Diego State University

A detailed study, with recommendations, on the housing, care and psychological well-being of captive and laboratory primates by 50 recognized contributors.
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Animal scientists, veterinarians, agricultural and zoological managers and handlers, animal behaviorists.


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  • Published: December 1989
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1201-1


"This book has been very helpful to me, as I try to develop enrichment programs for some zoo primates. It has many good ideas in it to keep primates active, and it tends to base these captive activities on behaviors that the animals would perform in the w

Table of Contents

Order: PRIMATES Mental Well-Being in Anthropoids What Is Psychological Well-Being? Can We Know If Primates Have It? Resolving Issues of Psychological Well-Being and Management of Laboratory Nonhuman PrimatesOrder: PROSIMII Maintenance of Primates in Captivity for Research: The Need for Naturalistic Environments Psychological Well-Being of Nocturnal Primates in CaptivityOrder: ANTHROPOIDEA Psychological Well-Being of Captive Primates: General Considerations and Examples from Callitrichids The Problem of Foraging in Captive Callitrichid Primates: Behavioral Time Budgets and Foraging Skills Free-Environment Rooms as Alternative Housing for Squirrel Monkeys A Closed Colony for Squirrel Monkeys for Laboratory Studies A Room with a View for Captive Primates: Issues, Goals, Related Research and Strategies Enriching the Lives of Captive Primates: Issues and Problems Examining Environmental Enrichment Primate Research Models and Environmental Enrichment Long Term Animal Studies Solution to Psychological Enhancement of the Environment for Nonhuman Primates Environmental Enrichment for Monkeys Used in Behavioral Toxicology Studies How Not to Enlarge a Stable Group of Stump-Tailed Macaques Influence of People on the Behavior of Display Primates Langur Monkeys in Captivity Beyond Chronic Catheterization in Laboratory Primates An Inexpensive Climate-Controlled Enclosure for Gibbons Utilizing Appropriate Technology Feeding Enrichment for Captive Great Apes On the Care of Captive Chimpanzees: Methods of Enrichment Signs of Enrichment: Toward the Psychological Well-Being of Chimpanzees Environmental Influences on Reproduction and Maternal Behavior in Captive Gorillas: Results of a Survey The Psychological Well-Being of Captive Gorillas