Household Service Robotics book cover

Household Service Robotics

Household Service Robotics is a collection of the latest technological advances in household service robotics in five main areas: robot systems, manipulation, navigation, object recognition, and human-robot interaction. The book enables readers to understand development s and apply them to their own working areas, including:

  • Robotic technologies for assisted living and elderly care
  • Domestic cleaning automation
  • Household surveillance
  • Guiding systems for public spaces

Service robotics is a highly multidisciplinary field, requiring a holistic approach. This handbook provides insights to the disciplines involved in the field as well as advanced methods and techniques that enable the scale-up of theory to actual systems. It includes coverage of functionalities such as vision systems, location control, and HCI, which are important in domestic settings.


Engineers and researchers working on robotics, automation, control, computer vision and robotic systems development.

Hardbound, 564 Pages

Published: December 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-800881-2


  • 1. Introduction

    2. Overall Robotic Systems for Household Service

    3. Mapping, Localization and Navigation for Household Service

    4. Object Recognition for Household Service

    5. Grasping and Manipulation for Household Service

    6. Human-Robot Interaction for Household Service


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