Hot-Carrier Effects in MOS Devices


  • Eiji Takeda, Hitachi Ltd.
  • Cary Yang, Santa Clara University
  • Akemi Miura-Hamada, Hitachi Ltd.

The exploding number of uses for ultrafast, ultrasmall integrated circuits has increased the importance of hot-carrier effects in manufacturing as well as for other technological applications. They are rapidly movingout of the research lab and into the real world.This book is derived from Dr. Takedas book in Japanese, Hot-Carrier Effects, (published in 1987 by Nikkei Business Publishers). However, the new book is much more than a translation. Takedas original work was a starting point for developing this much more complete and fundamental text on this increasingly important topic. The new work encompasses not only all the latest research and discoveries made in the fast-paced area of hot carriers, but also includes the basics of MOS devices, and the practical considerations related to hot carriers.
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The primary audience for this book includes silicon process, device, and design engineers (especially those in R&D), and scientists, as well as graduate students and researchers in silicon device technology, solid state science, electrical and electronic engineering, materials science, engineering, physics, and chemistry.This book is also suitable as a supplementary text for a graduate or short course on advanced MOS devices, device reliability, hot-carrier effects in MOS devices, VLSI device physics, or advanced CMOS design. It is useful for students working on device reliability research.


Book information

  • Published: November 1995
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-682240-3

Table of Contents

(Chapter Headings): MOS Device Fundamentals. Hot-Carrier Injection Mechanisms. Hot-Carrier Device Degradation. AC and Process-Induced Hot-Carrier Effects. Hot-Carrier Effects at Low Temperature and Low Voltage. Dependence of Hot-Carrier Phenomena on Device Structure. As-P Double Diffused Drain (DDD) Versus Lightly Doped Drain (LDD) Devices. Gate-to-Drain Overlatpped Devices (GOLD). References. Index.