Hormones and Reproduction of Vertebrates - Vol 2 book cover

Hormones and Reproduction of Vertebrates - Vol 2


This series of volumes represents a comprehensive and integrated treatment of reproduction in vertebrates from fishes of all sorts through mammals. It is designed to provide a readable, coordinated description of reproductive basics in each group of vertebrates as well as an introduction to the latest trends in reproductive research and our understanding of reproductive events. Whereas each chapter and each volume is intended to stand alone as a review of that topic or vertebrate group, respectively, the volumes are prepared so as to provide a thorough topical treatment across the vertebrates. Terminology has been standardized across the volumes to reduce confusion where multiple names exist in the literature, and a comprehensive glossary of these terms and their alternative names is provided.

Research and Post-Graduate scientists studying non-human vertebrate physiology, hormones and reproductive biology. Animal ScientistsReproductive Physiologists using animals as models for human reproductive researchLibraries and labs in vertebrate physiology, endocrinology and reproductive biology.

Hardbound, 240 Pages

Published: September 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374931-4


  • 1. Sex Determination and Sexual Differentiation in Amphibians

    Stéphane Flament, Dominique Chardard, Amand Chesnel, and Hélène Dumond

    2. Neuroendocrine Control of Reproduction in Amphibians

    Pei-San Tsai

    3. Testicular Structure and Control of Sperm Development in Amphibians

    Catherine R. Propper

    4. Hormones and Female Reproductive System of Amphbians

    Mari Carmen Uribe

    5. Hormones, Sex Accessory Structures and Secondary Sexual Characters in Amphibians

    David M. Sever and Nancy L. Staub

    6. Stress and Reproduction in Amphibians

    James A. Carr

    7. Maternal Adaptations to Reproductive Modes in Amphibians

    Hartmut Greven

    8. Hormones and Reproductive Behavior in Amphibians

    Sarah K. Woodley


    Rakesh K. Rastogi, Claudia Pinelli, Gianluca Polese, Biagio D’Aniello, and Gabriella Chieffi-Baccari

    10. Hormones and Reproductive Patterns in Urodele and Gymnophionid Amphibians.

    David O. Norris

    11. Endocrine Disruption of Amphibian Reproduction

    David O. Norris and Elena M. Lopez


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