The Hierarchical Basis of Comparative Biology

Edited by

  • Brian Hall, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The application of homology varies depending on the data being examined. This volume represents a state-of-the-art treatment of the different applications of this unifying concept. Chapters deal with homology on all levels, from molecules to behavior, and are authored by leading contributors to systematics, natural history, and evolutionary, developmental, and comparative biology. This paperback reprint of the original hardbound edition continues to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Sir Richard Owen's seminal paper distinguishing homology from analogy.
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Graduate students and faculty in any field of comparative biology, including molecular systematics, comparative anatomy/ethology, and evolutionary and developmental biology.


Book information

  • Published: December 2000
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-319583-8


ology is the central concept for all biology. This fine book brings together a selection of outstanding comparative biologists, all of whom have struggled to formulate a philosophical foundation for homology that has sufficient generality that it can serve all of biology."
--David B. Blake in SCIENCE, 1995

"...a fine edited collection of papers about the concept of homology..."

Table of Contents

Contributors.Introduction, B.K. Hall.Richard Owen and The Concept of Homology, A.L. Panchen.Homology, Topology, and Typology: The History of Modern Debates, O. Rieppel.Homology and Systematics, G. Nelson.Homology, Form, and Function, G.V. Lauder.Can Biometrical Shape Be A Homologous Character?, F.L. Bookstein.Homology, Development, and Heredity, B. Goodwin.History, Ontogeny, and Evolution of the Archetype, N.H. Shubin.Homology and the Mechanisms of Development, G.P. Wagner.Within and Between Organisms: Replicators, Lineages, and Homologues, V.L. Roth.Homology in Molecular Biology, D.M. Hillis.Homology and Behavioral Repertoires, H.W. Greene.Complexity and Homology in Plants, M.J. Donoghue and M.J. Sanderson.Homology, Homeosis, and Process Morphology in Plants, R. Sattler.Index.