Homicide Investigation Field Guide book cover

Homicide Investigation Field Guide

This practical field guide contains many of the checklists necessary to guide the first responder step-by-step through procedures, tactics, and forensic techniques used in sudden death and violent death investigations. Using these protocols, techniques and checklists will ensure that a proper and complete investigation is undertaken at the death scene.


Coroners, death investigators, law enforcement, new detectives, and students of forensics / crime scene investigations

Spiral Bound, 176 Pages

Published: July 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-410403-7


  • CH1 Introduction

    CH2 Basic Investigation Protocols

    CH3 Physical Evidence

    CH4 Types of Death

    CH5 Basic Protocols for Sexual Assault

    CH6 Searching, Sketching, Plotting

    CH7 Forensic Photography Primer

    CH8 Court Testimony


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