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History of Neurology

Handbook of Clinical Neurology (Series Editors: Aminoff, Boller and Swaab)

This volume brings together a comprehensive accounting of the study of neurological disorders from ancient times to modern neurology. The evolution of neurological science is combined with ancillary developments in the discipline to provide clinicians with a state-of-the-art reference guide on such topics as brain damage and dysfunctions of the nervous system, including muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, aphasia, and alexia.

New treatments and recovery methods from redundancy to vicariation and neural transplantation are covered, along with conventional knowledge and modern best practices within the field.

Practitioners will find a resource that chronicles the small steps achieved by clinicians and scientists throughout the centuries. Breakthroughs born from older concepts will demonstrate how all types of research in the field of neurology can have great implications for the treatment and diagnosis in this ever-expanding field.

Neuroscience research workers


Published: December 2009

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-52009-8


  • Part 1: Beginnings:

    Ancient trepanation. Mesopotamia. Neurology in ancient Egypt. Neurology in the Bible and the Talmud. The Greco-Roman world. After Galen: late antiquity and the Islamic world. Neurological conditions in the European Middle Ages. The development of neurology and the neurological Sciences in the 17th century. Understanding the nervous system in the 18th century.

    Part 2: Origins of Modern Neurology:

    The birth of localisation theory. On the use of animal experimentation in the history of neurology. The anatomical foundations of clinical neurology. The contributions of neurophysiology to clinical neurology: an exercise in contemporary history. Landmarks of surgical neurology and the interplay of disciplines. Jean-Marie Charcot and the anatomo-clinical method of neurology. History of the development of the neurological examination. Cognitive assessment in neurology. The origins of functional brain imaging in humans.

    Part 3: Further Developments of the Discipline:

    Visual images and neurological illustration. Neurological illustration: from photography to cinematography. Special hospitals in neurology and neurosurgery. A history of child neurology and neurodisability. The history of neuroendocrinology: “The spring of primitive existence”. The coming of molecular biology and its impact on clinical neurology.

    Part 4: Dysfunctions of the Nervous System:

    Headache: a historical outline. A history of seizures and epilepsies: from the falling disease to dysrhythmias of the brain. A history of cerebro-vascular disease. A history of bacterial meningitis. Historical aspects of the major neurological vitamin deficiency disorders: Overview and fat-soluble vitamin A. Historical aspects of the major neurological vitamin deficiency disorders: The water-soluble B vitamins. Muscular dystrophy. Sensory and perceptual disorders. The history of movement disorders. The history of sleep medicine. The frontal lobes. The history of aphasia: from brain to language. Alexia and agraphia.

    Part 5: Regional Landmarks:

    American neurology. A historical overview of British neurology. The history of neurology in France. The history of neurology in Scandinavia. Neurology and the neurological sciences in the German-speaking countries. The development of neurology in the Low Countries. The history of neurology in Italy. A history of Russian and Soviet neurology and neuropathology. Neurology and traditional Chinese medicine. The history of clinical neurology in Japan. The history of neurology in Australia and New Zealand. Clinical neurology in Latin America. The history of tropical neurology.

    Part 6: Treatments and Recovery:

    Recovery of function: redundancy and vicariation theories. The emergence of the age variable in 19th century neurology: considerations of recovery patterns in acquired childhood aphasia. Rehabilitation therapies. The discovery of neurotransmitters: biochemistry in the service of neurology. Neural transplantation.


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