History of Criminal Justice book cover

History of Criminal Justice

Covering criminal justice history on a cross-national basis, this book surveys criminal justice in Western civilization and American life chronologically from ancient times to the present. It is an introduction to the historical problems of crime, law enforcement and penology, set against the background of major historical events and movements.

Integrating criminal justice history into the scope of European, British, French and American history, this text provides the opportunity for comparisons of crime and punishment over boundaries of national histories. The text concludes with a chapter that addresses terrorism and homeland security.


Students in the criminal justice field

Paperback, 448 Pages

Published: July 2011

Imprint: Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4377-3491-1


  • 1. Introduction

    2. Criminal Justice in Ancient Times

    3. Medieval Crime and Punishment Before the Lateran Council of 1215

    4. From the Lateran Councils to the Renaissance (c. 1150-1550)

    5. Criminal Justice and the English Constitution to 1689

    6. Criminal Justice on the North American Colonial Frontier (1607-1700)

    7. The Enlightenment and Criminal Justice

    8. The American Revolution and Criminal Justice

    9. Freedom and Prisons in the Land of the Free

    10. Early Nineteenth-Century Law Enforcement

    11. Turning Points in Constitutionalism and Criminal Justice (1787-1910)

    12. Penology and Corrections in Modern America

    13. The Rise of Criminal Justice Professionalism

    14. Criminal Justice and Terrorism: The Era of Homeland Security



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