History of CERN, I book cover

History of CERN, I

Volume I - Launching the European Organization for Nuclear Research

Describing the history of CERN from its inception in the late 40's up to the mid-60's. The authors have divided these 17-18 years into roughly two successive periods. Volume I deals with the birth and official establishment of the organization and thus covers the years 1949-1954, while Volume II studies the life of the European laboratory during the first twelve years of its existence.

Hardbound, 622 Pages

Published: March 1987

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-87037-7


  • This is a very valuable book. It gives a clear, readable, well-documented and.. accurate and impartial account of the history of a remarkable organization... The history of CERN is interesting for its own sake but the importance of this book goes beyond that.


  • Preface. Remarks on the notes and bibliographies. List of archival sources consulted. List of abbreviations. Part I - The Post-War Emergence of High-Energy Physics. From cosmic-ray and nuclear physics to high-energy physics (U. Mersits). Part II - The Prehistory of CERN, 1949 - February 1952. The first suggestions, 1949 - June 1950 (D. Pestre). The fusion of the initiatives, June - December 1950 (D. Pestre). The period of informed optimism, December 1950 - August 1951 (D. Pestre). The period of conflict, August - December 1951 (D. Pestre). The establishment of a Council of Representatives of European States, December 1951 - February 1952 (D. Pestre). Part III - The Provisional CERN, February 1952 - October 1954. Survey of developments (J. Krige). Case studies of some important decisions (J. Krige). Collection of photographs and documents of historic interest. Part IV - National Decisions to Join CERN. French attitudes to the European Laboratory, 1949 - 1954 (D. Pestre). The Italian scenario (L. Belloni). Germany's part in the setting-up of CERN (A. Hermann). Britain and the European Laboratory Project: 1951 - mid-1952 (J. Krige). Britain and the European Laboratory Project: mid-1952 - December 1953 (J. Krige). Part V - Concluding Remarks. The how and the why of the birth of CERN (J. Krige and D. Pestre). Appendices: Who's who in the Foundation of CERN (A. Hermann); Chronology of Events (J. Krige and D. Pestre). Name index. Thematic subject index.


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