Historical Geography of England and Wales

Edited By

  • Robert Dodgshon, The University College of Wales
  • Robin Butlin, Loughborough University of Technology

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Historical and regional geographers and economic and social historians.


Book information

  • Published: January 1991
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-219253-1

Table of Contents

B.K. Roberts, Perspectives on Prehistory.I. Hodder and M. Millett, The Human Geography of Roman Britain.G.R.J. Jones, Celts, Saxons and Scandinavians.B.M.S. Cambell, People and Land in the Middle Ages, 1066-1500.P.T.H. Unwin, Towns and Trade, 1066-1500.R.M. Smith, Population and Society, 1500-1730.J. Yelling, Agriculture.P.D. Glennie, Industry and Towns, 1500-1730.R.A. Butlin, Regions in England and Wales, c. 1600-1914.R.A. Dodgshon, The Changing Evaluation of Space, 1500-1914.R. Lawton, Population and Society, 1730-1914.J.R. Walton, Agriculture and Rural Society.D. Gregory, 'A New and Differing Face in Many Places:' Three Geographies of Industrialization.H. Carter, Towns and Urban Systems, 1730-1914.R. Dennis, The Social Geography of Towns and Cities, 1730-1914.N. Thrift, Transport and Communication, 1730-1914.S. Daniels and S. Seymour, Landscape Design and the Idea of Improvement, 1730-1914.E. Pawson, British Expansion Overseas, c. 1730-1914.B.T. Robson, The Years between Two Worlds.Index.