High-Temperature Oxidation and Sulphidation Processes

Edited by

  • J. D. Embury, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

This book deals with the fundamental description of the thermodynamics and kinetics of high temperature oxidation of sulphidation of metals and intermetallic compounds. It is a comprehensive account of a large amount of new work in the field including modelling, analysis and a range of experimental methods. The text deals with both basic materials, and some current high temperature structural materials.
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For industrial researchers, design engineers in metallurgy and materials science.


Book information

  • Published: October 1990
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-040423-3

Table of Contents

Selected papers: Foreword. Interactive mechanisms in the high-temperature oxidation of metals, G H Meier et al. Evolution of the structure of NiO and CoO scales, J S Sheasby. An in-situ measurement of stresses generated during scale growth limited by cation/vacancy diffusion. Isothermal oxidation properties of pure copper, C Zhou & W W Smeltzer. Diffusion in quasi-steady-state irreversible systems; epitaxy of nickel telluride from halide vapour phase, Y K Rao & Y Do. High-temperature sulfidation of iron-based alloys, T Narita. Segregation of cerium in chromia scales, D A Downham et al. Oxidation & sulphidation of type 310S stainless steel at elevated temperatures, J S Wolf & O B Cavin. Kinetics of internal and external oxide formation for 316L and 310 stainless steels between 800oc and 1200oc, S Gendron & F Ajersch. High temperature oxidation behaviour of UO2 in air & steam, D S Cox et al. Oxidation behavior of iridium-aluminum and iridium-aluminum-silicon systems at very high temperatures, (1500oc to 1800oc), K N Lee & W L Worrell. Oxidation of nickel-aluminum alloys, P Byrne & C A Pickles. High-temperature oxidation studies of titanium disilicide, D Mallette & C A Pickles. Mixed oxidant corrosion in coal combustion and conversion systems: Manifestations and mechanisms, J Stringer. High-temperature degradation of advanced gas turbine engine materials and coatings, P C Patnaik. NaC1-induced high-temperature oxidation of Ni and Ni-Cr alloys, Y Shinata & Y Nishi. Sulphidation of vanadium in H2S-H2 atmospheres at temperatures between 1073K & 1273K, F A Elrefaie & W W Smeltzer. Indexes.