High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety


  • Geoff Craighead, Vice President, High-Rise and Real Estate Services, Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, USA

High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety, 3e, is a comprehensive reference for managing security and fire life safety operations within high-rise buildings. It spells out the unique characteristics of skyscrapers from a security and fire life safety perspective, details the type of security and life safety systems commonly found in them, outlines how to conduct risk assessments, and explains security policies and procedures designed to protect life and property. Craighead also provides guidelines for managing security and life safety functions, including the development of response plans for building emergencies. This latest edition clearly separates out the different types of skyscrapers, from office buildings to hotels to condominiums to mixed-use buildings, and explains how different patterns of use and types of tenancy impact building security and life safety.
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  • Published: May 2009
  • ISBN: 978-1-85617-555-5



"High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety is the book to have on your desk. With all the information out there, this is the practical, day-to-day compendium for all your security and life safety concerns."

-Jesse E. Peterman, Director of Security, Empire State Building, New York City, 2003

"This well-edited book will serve as a reliable reference to all high-rise practitioners of fire/life safety, building operations, and security, from the front-line worker to the corporate executive. Its lively writing style is an added bonus for readers used to leaden prose in books of this type."

-Robert X. McInerney, CPP, president of Robert X. McInerney Associates, Inc., Security Management, July 1996


"To survive and succeed in our ever-changing environment, security professionals must not only read, but apply the principles detailed in the second edition of High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety. It truly is a must read for people who are charged with maintaining a safe and secure high-rise workplace."

-Carlos Villarreal, Director of Security, Sears Tower, Trizec Properties, Inc., Chicago; Chairman, ASIS International Commercial Real Estate Council, Chicago, Illinois, 2003

"Highly acclaimed in its first edition, the update of Geoff Craighead's High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety manages to outdo the original...It's destined to be a bible to building security professionals, an in-depth overview for other security professionals, and an engaging read for laypersons. This exceptional guide to the industry thoroughly addressess all relevant areas of security and life safety for high-rise buildings, exactly as the title promises."

-Gina Arbeau, CPO, CSS, human resources manager for Group 4 Falck and former coordinator of security and life safety for Gulf Canada Square, Canada, Security Management, July 2005


"Outstanding book. Tons of facts and graphs. Some of the best historical information that I have seen in a book in yaers. Extensive research utilized as well as many great references used throughout the book."

-Mark H. Beaudry, CPP, author of Contemporary Lodging Security

"The third edition of High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety is extraordinarily thorough. It is not possible to think of an issue relating to high-rise building security that has not been covered."

-Dennis O. Challinger, Fellow of the Criminology Department, University of Melbourne, Australia; author of From the Ground Up: Security for Tall Buildings

"The text also provides valuable information on how to conduct risk assessments, and Craighead is again comprehensive in explaining the topic without being too technical. This new edition also comes with a CD-ROM that provides sample fire safety and security surveys, as well as a sample of a building emergency management plan and information pertaining to additional security and life-safety resources. Practitioners responsible for issues related to fire, life-safety, and security, as well as building managers, will find this third edition highly useful. It is a reliable textbook for anyone who requires a thorough, solid reference."--Security Management.com

Table of Contents

Author's Biography
Foreword to the Third Edition
Foreword to the Second Edition
Foreword to the First Edition

Chapter 1: High-Rise Building Definition, Development, and Use
Chapter 2: Security and Fire Life Safety Uniqueness of High-Rise Buildings
Chapter 3: Security and Fire Life Safety Threats
Chapter 4: Risk Assessments
Chapter 5: Building Security Systems and Equipment 
Chapter 6: Building Fire Life Safety Systems and Equipment
Chapter 7: Management of the Security Function
Chapter 8: Investigations
Chapter 9: Office Buildings
Chapter 10: Hotel Buildings
Chapter 11: Residential and Apartment Buildings
Chapter 12: Mixed-Use Buildings
Chapter 13: Liaison with Law Enforcement and Fire Authorities
Chapter 14: Laws, Codes, Standards, and Guidelines
The World's Tallest Buildings
Abbreviations and Conversions