High-Performance Embedded Computing book cover

High-Performance Embedded Computing

Applications in Cyber-Physical Systems and Mobile Computing

High-Performance Embedded Computing, Second Edition, combines leading-edge research with practical guidance in a variety of embedded computing topics, including real-time systems, computer architecture, and low-power design. Author Marilyn Wolf presents a comprehensive survey of the state of the art, and guides you to achieve high levels of performance from  the embedded systems that bring these technologies together.

The book covers CPU design, operating systems, multiprocessor programs and architectures, and much more. Embedded computing is a key component of cyber-physical systems, which combine physical devices with computational resources for control and communication. This revised edition adds new content and examples of cyber-physical systems throughout the book, including design methodologies, scheduling, and wide-area CPS to illustrate the possibilities of these new systems.


Professionals in high-performance and /or embedded computing; practitioners in cyber-physical systems, and students in graduate courses on these topics

Paperback, 600 Pages

Published: April 2014

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-410511-9


    1. Embedded Computing
    2. CPUs
    3. Programs
    4. Processes and Operating Systems
    5. Multiprocessor Architectures
    6. Multiprocessor Software
    7. Hardware/Software Co-Design


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