Heterogeneous Catalysis and Fine Chemicals III

Edited By

  • M. Guisnet
  • J. Barbier
  • J. Barrault
  • C. Bouchoule
  • D. Duprez
  • G. Pérot
  • C. Montassier, Faculty of Science, University of Poitiers, France

Heterogeneous catalysis plays a major role in the organic synthesis of specialty and fine chemicals. However, as the interaction between surface sites and functional groups is complex, more investigations are necessary into the effects of catalysts on the reaction mechanisms. The Third International Symposium on Heterogeneous Catalysis and Fine Chemicals provided an opportunity for discussions on the basic and practical aspects of this subject between researchers, manufacturers and users of solid catalysts for synthesis of fine chemicals.

The present volume comprises the invited plenary lectures and research papers classified under the three main headings, hydrogenation, oxidation and acid-catalysis. All papers were refereed. A large variety of reactions are described, the emphasis being on selectivity, taking into account all aspects: chemo-, regio-, and stereoselectivity (including enantioselectivity) and on the change of these selectivities as a function of the characteristics of the catalysts and operating conditions.

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  • Published: September 1993
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-89063-4


I strongly recommend the book to both industrial and academic researchers who are dealing with organic synthesis of specialty and fine chemicals by hydrogenation, oxidation and acid-base catalysis.
Applied Catalysis A

Table of Contents

Plenary Lectures. Trends and opportunities with modern hydrogenation catalysts (I. Dodgson). Catalytic oxidations with hydrogen peroxide: new and selective catalysts (M.G. Clerici). Basic catalysts and fine chemicals (H. Hattori). Solvent effects in heterogeneous catalysis: application to the synthesis of fine chemicals (L. Gilbert, C. Mercier). Research Papers. I. Hydrogenation (39 papers). II. Oxidation (15 papers). III. Acid-Base Catalysis (28 papers). Author index. Subject index.