Hematology in Traditional Chinese Medicine Cardiology book cover

Hematology in Traditional Chinese Medicine Cardiology

Hematology in Traditional Chinese Medicine Cardiology instructs readers on the blood, complement and immune system from the western and Chinese medicine perspectives. The book focuses on the cardiovascular issues concerning blood and the immune system, provides laboratory values concerning blood and the cardiovascular system, and covers cardiovascular diseases from the Chinese medicine and western medicine perspectives. It compares the eight principles in traditional Chinese medicine with basic science perspectives in western medicine, analyzes laboratory blood testing for heart diseases, and discusses the use of blood results for diagnosing and monitoring.


This book is intended for U.S. based licensed TCM practitioners, cardiologists and researchers of TCM and cardiology.

Paperback, 56 Pages

Published: April 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-800124-0


  • Chapter 1: Biomedicine Perspectives of Blood and Lymph
    Chapter 2: TCM Perspectives of Essence, Qi and Blood
    Chapter 3: Cellular Homeostasis
    Chapter 4: Hemoglobin
    Chapter 5: Pestilential Differentiation
    Chapter 6: Six Stages
    Chapter 7: 4 The Four Levels
    Chapter 8: The Immune System 1
    Chapter 9: The Immune System 2
    Chapter 10: Laboratory differentials
    Chapter 11: Integrative Chinese Medicine Diagnosing


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