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Heat Transfer with Freezing and Thawing

This volume provides a comprehensive overview on the vast amount of literature on solidification heat transfer. Chapter one develops important basic equations and discusses the validity of considering only conductive heat transfer, while ignoring convection, in the large class of materials which make up the porous media. Chapters 2 to 4 deal with problems that can be expressed in plane (Cartesian) coordinates. These problems are further divided into boundary conditions of temperature, prescribed heat flux, and surface convection. Chapter 5 examines some plane geometries involving three-dimensional freezing or thawing. Problems in the cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems are covered in chapters 6 and 7. Chapter 8 is an introduction to solidification in porous media.Many of the applications have been directed to water/ice soil-systems, but it should be clear that the basic techniques and solutions can be applied to such diverse areas as metallurgy, biological systems, latent heat storage, and the preservation of food.


Published: January 1991

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-88905-8


  • 1. BASIC EQUATIONS. The Nature of the Thermodynamic System. General Energy Equation for a Continuum. Energy Balance at the Phase-Change Interface. Nonlinearity of Solidification Problems. Conservation of Mass, Momentum and Energy for Continuum. Heat, Mass, and Momentum Flow in Porous Media. Nomenclature. References. 2. PLANE PROBLEMS WITH TEMPERATURE BOUNDARY CONDITIONS. Neumann Problem and Variations. Neumann Problem With Variable Properties. Neumann Problem With Variable Temperatures. Melting Temperature Range. Subcooled Liquid - Frazil Ice. Solidification in Contact with Cold Wall. Thaw With Consolidation of Melted Medium. Freeze of a Flowing Fluid. Freeze Coating on a Moving Sheet. Continuous Casting of Slab. Convective Effects. Nomenclature. References. 3. PLANE PROBLEMS WITH CONVECTION (RADIATION) AT FREE SURFACE. Single-Phase Problems. Two-Phase Problems. Nomenclature. References. 4. PLANE PROBLEMS WITH SPECIFIED SURFACE HEAT FLUX. Exact Solution for Semi-Infinite Medium. Approximate Solutions, Single Phase, Semi-Infinite Region. Two-Phase Problems. Ablation with Complete Removal of Melt. Freezing of a Flowing Fluid. Nomenclature. References. 5. THAW BENEATH INSULATED STRUCTURES; QUASI-STEADY SOLUTIONS. General Quasi-Steady Relations. Nomenclature. References. 6. CYLINDRICAL PROBLEMS. Outward Phase Change, Infinite Domain. Outward Phase Change, Finite Geometry. Inward Phase Change. Convective Effects and Relations. Nomenclature. References. 7. PROBLEMS IN SPHERICAL GEOMETRY. Outward Phase Change. Spherical Problems, Inward Growth. Nomenclature. References. 8. PHASE CHANGE IN POROUS MEDIA. Natural Convection in Porous Media Without Phase Change. Natural Convection With Phase Change. Coupled Energy and Mass Fluxes. Nomenclature. References. APPENDIX A: Quasi-Static Approximations and Perturbation Methods. APPENDIX B: The Heat Balance Integral Method. APPENDIX C: Biot's Variational Principle. APPENDIX D: Error Function and Error Integral Family. APPENDIX E: Exponential Integral and Related Functions. APPENDIX F: Porous Media and Macroscopic Equations. APPENDIX G: Laplace Transforms and Phase-Change Problems. SUBJECT INDEX. AUTHOR INDEX.


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