Health Visiting book cover

Health Visiting

This book is an essential resource for health visiting students that reflects the key changes required of health visiting practice at the beginning of the new millennium. It is a key text for specialist practitioner programmes and also for existing practitioners who are furthering their practice and academic development. It brings together the elements of theory and practice which are essential to health visiting practice. The book is research based and uses relevant evidence to support discussions. A particular strength is the use of case studies and practice examples to illustrate the theoretical discussions.

Paperback, 444 Pages

Published: July 2005

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-10105-2


  • The profession of health visiting in the 21st century;
    Public health and health visiting;
    Models for Health visiting in specialist public community health nursing;
    Skills in specialist community public health nursing - health visiting;
    working with individuals and families;
    Skills in specialist community public health nursing - health visiting; working with social groups and communities;
    Working with socially excluded groups;
    Quality improvement through leading and managing change;
    Contemporary influences in safeguarding children;
    Safeguarding children: issues and dilemmas;
    Violence - debating the issues;
    Reflective practice;
    Ethical issues in ill health and health promotion;
    Nurse prescribing;
    Complementary therapies and health visiting;
    The use of health informatics in practice;
    Health economics of public health practice;
    Specialist community public health nursing: opportunities and challenges for the heath visiting


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