Health Systems Policy, Finance, and Organization

Edited by

  • Guy Carrin
  • Kent Buse
  • Kristian Heggenhougen, Centre for International Health, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway
  • Stella R. Quah, Duke-NUS Graduate School of Medicine Singapore

This volume is unique in its systematic approach to these three pillars of health systems analysis will give readers of various backgrounds authoritative material about subjects adjacent to their own specialties. Assembling such comparative materials is usually an onerous task because so many programs possess their own vocabularies, goals, and methods. This book will provide common grounds for people in programs as diverse as economics and finance, allied health, business and management, and the social sciences, including psychology.
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Graduate students and professionals in economics and finance, allied health, business and management, and the social sciences.


Book information

  • Published: June 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-375087-7

Table of Contents

Part I Health policy and public health

  1. Health policy: Overview C Paton;  2. Agenda setting in public health policy J Shiffman;  3. Politics and public health policy reform A Glassman and K Buse;  4.  Evidence-based public health policy V Lin;  5. Planning for public health policy A T Green and T N Mirzoev;  6. Role of the State in public health A Alvarez-Rosete;  7. Alma Ata and primary health care: an evolving story J H Bryant and J B Richmond;  8. Health issues of the UN Millennium Development Goals M Claeson and P Folger;  9. Health inequalities P Braveman;  10. Resource allocation: Justice and resource allocation in public health R Rhodes;  11. Human rights approach to public health policy D Tarantola and S Gruskin;  12. Interest groups and civil society in public health policy N Mays; 13. People's Health Movement R Nayaran and C Schuftan;  14. Global health initiatives and public health policy R Brugha;  15. Corruption and the consequences for public health T Vian


Part II Health financing

  1. Health care financing and the health system C Normand and S Thomas; 2. Health care costs, structures and trends T Tan-Torres Edejer, C Garg, P Hernandez, N Van de Maele and C Indikadahena; 3. Determinants of national health expenditure A K Nandakumar and M E Farag;  4. Resource allocation: international perspectives on resource allocation D K Martin and S R Benatar; 5. Cost-influenced treatment decisions and cost-effectiveness analysis D B Evans;  6. Decision analytic modelling P Muennig;  7. Equity in health finance D De Graeve and K Xu;  8. Governance issues in health financing M Lewis and P Musgrove;  9. Transition to universal coverage in developing countries T Ensor;  10. Insurance Plans and Programs: an overview S Gress and J Wasem;  11. Community health insurance in developing countries B Criel, M-P Waelkens, W Soors, N Devadasan and C Atim;  12. The demand for health care G Mwabu;  13. Long term care, organization and financing M Knapp and A Somani;  14. Innovative financing of health promotion V Tangcharoensathien, P Prakongsai, W Patcharanarumol, S Limwattananon and S Buasai

Part III Organization of health services

1.  Health system organization models F C J Stevens and J van der Zee;  2. Primary health care D Sanders, N Schaay and S Mohamed;  3. Demand and supply of human resources for health G Dussault and M Vujicic;  4. The role of the private sector in health care provision A Harding and D Montagu;  5. Competition in health care P H Song, J D Barlow, E E Seiber and A S McAlearney;  6. Public-Private mix in health systems C R Keane and M C Weerasinghe;  7. Provider payment and incentives R P Ellis and M M Miller;  8. Managed care S K Glied and K Janus;  9. Economic models of hospital behaviour X Liu and A Mills;  10. Essential drugs policy H Haak;  11. Long term care in health services J Brodsky and A M Clarfield;  12. Long term care for aging populations E Stallard;  13.  Patient empowerment in health care J F P Bridges, S Loukanova and P Carrera;  14. Community health workers S B Rifkin

Part IV Key features of health systems around the world

1. National health systems: an overview N Goodwin;  2. Urban health systems: overview D C Ompad, S Galea and D Vlahov;  3. Comparative health systems H Wang ;  4. The health care of indigenous peoples/nations G Bodeker