Health Professional and Patient Interaction book cover

Health Professional and Patient Interaction

Covering strategies for effective communication, Health Professional and Patient Interaction, 8th Edition provides the tools to help you establish positive patient relationships built on respect. Practical examples and scenarios show how to apply respect and professionalism to patients of various ages and levels of impairment. New to this edition is an Evolve companion website with video clips and simulation activities, each showing the principles of respectful interactions between health care professionals and patients. Written by an expert author team of Ruth Purtilo, Amy Haddad, and Regina Doherty, this resource addresses respect in the context of different practice settings, a diverse society, and difficult situations.


Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-4880-8


  • "The book is very in-depth and is based on the idea of respect being the cornerstone of every interaction...This book is immensely valuable if like me you feel you could improve your communication skills and your actions in the environment you work in."

    In Touch, January 2014


  • Part I: Creating a Context of Respect
    1. Respect: The Difference it Makes                                               
    2. Respect in the Organizational Settings of Health Care                 
    3. Respect in a Diverse Society                                          
    Part II: Respect for Yourself
    4. Respect for Yourself during Your Student Years                                  
    5. Respect for Yourself in Your Professional Capacity                                
    Part III: Respect for the Patient’s Situation
    6. Respect for Challenges Facing Patients                                                                            
    7. Respect for the Patient’s Significant Relationships                      
    Part IV: Respect through Communication
    8. The Patient’s Story                                                                        
    9. Respectful Communication in an Information Age                               
    Part V: Components of Respectful Interaction
    10. Professional Relatedness Built on Respect                                
    11. Professional Boundaries Guided by Respect                                        
    NEW! Part VI: Some Special Challenges                          
    12. Respectful Interaction When the Patient is Dying  
    13. Respectful Interaction in Difficult Situations    
    Part VII: Respectful Interaction Across the Life Span
    14. Respectful Interaction: Working with Newborns, Infants, Toddlers, or Preschoolers   
    15. Respectful Interaction: Working with Children and Adolescents                                                                     
    16. Respectful Interaction: Working with Adults            
    17. Respectful Interaction: Working with Older Adults     


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