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Health Information

Management of a Strategic Resource

Following the AHIMA standards for education for both two-year HIT programs and four-year HIA programs, Health Information: Management of a Strategic Resource, 4th Edition describes the deployment of information technology and your role as a HIM professional in the development of the electronic health record. It provides clear coverage of health information infrastructure and systems along with health care informatics including technology, applications, and security. Practical applications provide hands-on experience in abstracting and manipulating health information data. From well-known HIM experts Mervat Abdelhak, Sara S. Grostick, and Mary Alice Hanken, this book includes examples from diverse areas of health care delivery such as long-term care, public health, home health care, and ambulatory care. An e-book version makes it even easier to learn to manage and use health data electronically.

Hardbound, 768 Pages

Published: February 2011

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4377-0887-5


  • Section 1: Foundations of Health Information Management

    1. Health Care Systems

    2. The Health Informatics and Information Management Profession

    Section 2: Health Care Data and Information Systems

    3. Health Information Infrastructure and Systems

    4. Health Data Concepts

    5. Electronic Health Record Systems

    6. Classification Systems, Clinical Vocabularies, and Terminology

    Section 3: Health Care Informatics

    7. Technology, Applications, and Security

    8. Information Systems Life Cycle and Project Management

    9. Managing Electronic Health Record Systems: Collaboration and Implementation

    Section 4: Data Management and Use

    10. Statistics and Data Presentation

    11. Research and Epidemiology

    12. Performance Management and Patient Safety

    13. Data Reporting, Interpretation, and Use

    14. Privacy and Health Law

    Section 5: Management

    15. Human Resource Management

    16. Operational Management

    17. Revenue Cycle and Financial Management


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