Health Care for an Ageing Population book cover

Health Care for an Ageing Population

meeting the challenge

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. It focuses on the conditions and health challenges likely to be encountered in persons of 45 and older. It provides a comprehensive management approach that draws on conventional and complementary medicine and offers patient information sheets that can be readily distributed to the patient by busy practitioners.


Published: December 2006

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3501-2



    1. Delaying aging: the free radical hypothesis
    Patient Handout 1.1 Prolonging life
    Patient Handout 1.2 Preventing disease
    Patient Handout 1.3 A brain teaser
    2. Managing stress: a longevity strategy?
    Patient Handout 2.1 Psychosocial stress: a health risk
    Patient Handout 2.2 Coping with stress
    3. Medication: a two-edged sword
    Patient Handout 3.1 Tips for taking medication
    Patient Handout 3.2 Drug interactions: tips for reducing the risk
    4. Functional decline: triggering social isolation
    Patient Handout 4.1 Promoting bladder health
    Patient Handout 4.2 Dealing with hearing impairment
    5. Falls: reducing the risk
    Patient Handout 5.1 Reducing the risk of falls and fractures
    6. Menopause: meeting the challenge
    Patient Handout 6.1 Menopause: the HRT option
    Patient Handout 6.2 The patient’s choice: weighing the evidence
    7. Insomnia: reality or perception?
    Patient Handout 7.1 Managing insomnia: a self-care guide 1
    8. Osteoporosis: skeletal failure
    Patient Handout 8.1 Osteoporosis: the risk and how to reduce it
    Patient Handout 8.2 Fractures: identifying and reducing the risk
    9. Wavering immunity
    Patient Handout 9.1 Boosting immunity
    10. Fatigue: faltering energy
    Patient Handout 10.1 Coping with fatigue
    11. Pain: retirement’s killjoy
    Patient Handout 11.1 Pain self-care: the analgesic option


    12. Obesity
    Patient Handout 12.1 Weight management
    Patient Handout 12.2 Determining ideal weight
    Patient Handout 12.3 Determining energy needs
    Patient Handout 12.4 Options for weight loss
    13. Osteoarthritis
    Patient Handout 13.1 Knee osteoarthritis: self-care options
    14. Diabetes mellitus
    Patient Handout 14.1 Preventing diabetes: the lifestyle choices
    Patient Handout 14.2 Avoiding complications: self-care for diabetics
    Patient Handout 14.3 Foot care for diabetics
    Patient Handout 14.4 Travel tips for diabetics
    15. Hypertension
    Patient Handout 15.1 Preventing hypertension: the lifestyle choices
    16. Coronary heart disease
    Patient Handout 16.1 Heart attack: reducing the risk
    17. Leg ulcers
    Patient Handout 17.1 Leg ulcers
    18. Depression
    Patient Handout 18.1 Depression
    19. Dementia
    Patient Handout 19.1 Dementia
    20. Prostate disease
    Patient Handout 20.1 Benign prostatic hyperplasia
    Patient Handout 20.2 Prostate cancer
    21. Gastro-intestinal problems
    Patient Handout 21.1 Towards a healthy digestive system
    Patient Handout 21.2 Constipation
    Patient Handout 21.3 Reflux
    22. Chronic pulmonary disease
    Patient Handout 22.1 Breathing better
    23. Cancer
    Patient Handout 23.1 Lifestyle choices to reduce the risk of cancer
    Patient Handout 23.2 Cancer prevention


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