Healing, Intention and Energy Medicine book cover

Healing, Intention and Energy Medicine

Science, Research Methods and Clinical Implications

Clear and authoritative, this unique book explores the results and clinical implications of research in spiritual healing, energy medicine, and the effects of intentionality. Rigorously evaluating the science of healing intention, it also makes recommendations for future research and investigations on the impact of spiritual healing practices in the clinical setting.

Paperback, 424 Pages

Published: May 2003

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07237-6


  • Section I
    Critical summaries of current research on spiritual healing
    The health impact of religious and spiritual practices
    Intercessory prayer and healing prayer
    Direct mental interactions with living systems (DMILS)
    Research on mind-matter interactions (MMI)
    Research on mind-matter interactions (MMI) involving FieldReg
    Non-sensory access to information: remote viewing
    Non-sensory access to information: The Ganzfeild Studies
    "Energy" healing research
    Qigong: basic science studies
    Qigong clinical studies
    The therapeutic effects of music
    Laboratory research on bioenergy and healing
    The impact of healing in a clinical setting

    Section II
    Methodological challenges for research on spiritual healing
    The phenomenology of prayer and healing practices
    A qualitative research perspective on healing
    Measurement descriptors and outcome measures
    Outcomes research: costs and quality of life
    Randomized clinical trials summary
    Statistical issues
    Methods and issues of laboratory research
    Challenges for healing and intentionality research: causation and information
    Challenges for healing and intentionality research: social dynamics involved in entering the mainstream

    Section III
    Annotated bibliography of clinical research on spiritual healing

    Section IV
    A comprehensive bibliography of spiritual healing, "energy" medicine and mental intention research


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