Harvey Friedman

Harvey Friedman's Research on the Foundations of Mathematics

This volume discusses various aspects of Harvey Friedman's research in the foundations of mathematics over the past fifteen years. It should appeal to a wide audience of mathematicians, computer scientists, and mathematically oriented philosophers.


Published: November 1985

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-87834-2


  • Biography of Harvey Friedman. The Work of Harvey Friedman (A. Nerode, L.A. Harrington). Borel Diagonalization and Abstract Set Theory: Recent Results of Harvey Friedman (L.J. Stanley). Nonprovability of Certain Combinatorial Properties of Finite Trees (S.G. Simpson). The Consistency Strengths of Some Finite Forms of the Higman and Kruskal Theorems (R.L. Smith). Friedman's Research on Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic (S.G. Simpson). Borel Structures for First-Order and Extended Logics (C. Steinhorn). Nonstandard Models and Related Developments (C. Smoryński). Intuitionistic Formal Systems (D. Leivant). Intuitionistic Set Theory (A. Ščedrov). Algorithmic Procedures, Generalized Turing Algorithms, and Elementary Recursion Theory (J.C. Shepherdson). Computational Complexity of Real Functions (J.C. Shepherdson). The Pebble Game and Logics of Programs (A.J. Kfoury). Equality Between Functionals Revisited (R. Statman). Mathematical Aspects of Recursive Function Theory (R.E. Byerle). ``Big'' News From Archimedes to Friedman (C. Smoryński). Some Rapidly Growing Functions (C. Smoryński). The Varieties of Arboreal Experience (C. Smoryński). Does Gödel's Theorem Matter to Mathematics? (G. Kolata). Harvey Friedman's Publications.


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