Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths book cover

Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths

This volume of the handbook covers a variety of topics with three chapters dealing with a range of lanthanide magnetic materials, and three individual chapters concerning equiatomic ternary ytterbium intermetallic compounds, rare-earth polysulfides, and lanthanide organic complexes. Two the chapters also include information of the actinides and the comparative lanthanide/actinide behaviors.

Hardbound, 772 Pages

Published: January 2002

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-50762-4


  • Preface. 205. Giant magnetostriction in lanthanide-transition metal thin films (N.H.Duc). 206. &mgr;SR studies of rare earth and actinide magnetic materials (G.M. Kalvius, D.R. Noakes, O. Hartmann). 207. Structure-property-relationships of ternary equiatomic YbTX intermetallics (R. Pöttgen, D. Kussmann, D. Johrendt). 208. Rare earth-based permanent magnets (K. Kobayashi, S. Hirosawa) 209. Polysulfides (I. G. Vasilyeva). 210. Half-sandwich tetrapyrole complexes of rare earths and actinides (J. Jiang, D.K.P. Ng, K.Kasuga, et al).


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