Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy book cover

Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy

Theoretical Foundations and Guidelines for Practice

The original edition was the first book to provide a comprehensive overview of the ways in which animals can assist therapists with treatment of specific populations, and/or in specific settings. The second edition continues in this vein, with 7 new chapters plus substantial revisions of continuing chapters as the research in this field has grown. New coverage includes: Animals as social supports, Use of AAT with Special Needs students, the role of animals in the family- insights for clinicians, and measuring the animal-person bond.


Published: August 2006

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-369484-3


  • Abbreviated TOCDedication Foreword PrefaceAcknowledgementsSECTION I The Conceptualization of the Animal-Human Bond: The Foundation for Understanding Animal-Assisted TherapySECTION II Animal-Assisted Therapy: Conceptual Model and Guidelines for Quality AssuranceSECTION III Best Practices in Animal-Assisted Therapy: Guidelines for Use of AAT with Special PopulationsSECTION IV Special Topics and Concerns in Animal-Assisted TherapyPART A The Role of Ethology in the Field of Human-Animal Relations and Animal-Assisted TherapyPART B Human Animal Interactions in Health: Best Evidence and Where We Go From Here?PART C The Role of AAT in Clinical Practice: The Importance of Demonstrating Empirically Oriented Psychotherapies


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