Handbook of Veterinary Neurology book cover

Handbook of Veterinary Neurology

Handbook of Veterinary Neurology provides quick access to vital information on neurologic conditions in a wide range of species, including canine, feline, bovine, caprine, equine, ovine, and porcine. A problem-oriented approach makes it easy to diagnose and treat neurologic problems in small and large animals. The coverage of disorders by problem, not by established disease diagnosis, emulates how animals present to the veterinary hospital and simplifies the formulation of a correct diagnosis. Within each chapter, discussions of neurologic disease include a review of the localization criteria and the diseases that can cause that problem, plus treatment and surgical techniques. Lead author Michael D. Lorenz brings decades of experience to neurologic assessment, using a diagnostic approach that requires minimal knowledge of neuroanatomy.

Book, 448 Pages

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3660-7


  • Part I: Fundamentals
    1. Neurologic History, Neuroanatomy, and Neurologic Examination
    2. Localization of Lesions in the Nervous System
    3. Disorders of Micturition
    4. Confirming a Diagnosis
    Part II: Clinical Problems: Signs and Symptoms
    5. Paresis of One Limb
    6. Pelvic Limb Paresis, Paralysis, or Ataxia
    7. Tetraparesis, Hemiparesis, and Ataxia
    8. Ataxia of the Head and Limbs
    9. Disorders of the Face, Tongue, Esophagus, Larynx, and Hearing
    10. Disorders of Involuntary Movement
    11. Blindness, Anisocoria, and Abnormal Eye Movements
    12. Stupor or Coma
    13. Seizures, Narcolepsy, and Cataplexy
    14. Pain
    15. Systemic or Multifocal Signs
    Appendix: Breed-Specific Neuromuscular Diseases in Domestic Animals


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