Handbook of Vertebrate Immunology

Edited by

  • Paul-Pierre Pastoret, University of Liege, Belgium
  • Philip Griebel, University of Sadkatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada
  • Hervé Bazin, University of Louvain, Faculty of Medicine, Experimental Immunology Unit, Brussels, Belgium
  • André Govaerts, University of Brussels, Belgium

This unique book provides a comprehensive and comparative guide to the immune systems of major vertebrate species, including domestic and wild animals of veterinary or medical interest, fish and amphibia. Data in this essential reference work has been compiled by world-renowned editors and an international group of authors. For each species, the information is presented in a structured 'user-friendly' format allowing easy cross reference and comparison between the various species.This book will be considered the definitive reference work on vertebrate immunology and will be essential for scientists and professionals working in Immunology, Vaccinology or with Animal Models, for students of Veterinary or Human Medicine, Biology and researchers in Comparative Medicine and Physiology.
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AUDIENCE: Research level immunologists, vaccinologists, immunopathologists, veterinarians and evolutionary biologists. Students, researchers and practitioners in human or veterinary medicine.


Book information

  • Published: May 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-546401-7


"This comprehensive publication compiled by an international team of renowned immunologists is a successful attempt to present an updated view on immune systems of most important species of wild, domestic, and laboratory animals. An enormous amount of basic and practical information contained in the treatise is indispensable for scientists working in different areas of immunology. The volume is lavishly illustrated and a lot of useful information is presented in concise, tabular form. The Handbook of Vertebrate Immunology is a very timely publication and it is highly recommended to all immunologists."

Table of Contents

P.P. Pastoret, P. Griebel, H. Bazin, and A. Govaerts, Introduction.C. Press, Immunology of Fishes.J. Charlemagne and A. Tournefier, Immunology of Amphibians.J.M. Sharma, Avian Immunology.F.G.M. Kroese, Immunology of the Rat.R. Mage, Immunology of the Lagomorphs.P. Felsburg, Immunology of the Dog.H. Lutz, Immunology of the Cat.H. Tabel, Immunology of the Mustelidae.D.P. Lunn, D. Hannant, and D.W. Horohov, Immunology of Horses and Donkeys.M.D. Pescovitz, Immunology of the Pig.R. Hamers and S. Muyldermans, Immunology of Camels and Llamas.B. Goddeeris, Immunology of Cattle.P.J. Griebel, Sheep Immunology and Goat Peculiarities.S.D. Carter, Immunology of the Buffalo.M.P. Defresne, The Mouse Model.J.Y. Cesbron, V. Leblond, and N. Delhem, The SCID Mouse Mutant: Definition and Potential Uses as a Model for Immune Disorders.P. Gianello, M. Soares, D. Latinne, and H. Bazin, Xenotransplantation.Conclusions.Glossary.Index.