Handbook of Vegetable Pests book cover

Handbook of Vegetable Pests

Professional entomologists, horticulturists, farm managers, crop consultants, and scientists in related fields of agriculture. University faculty, graduate students, researchers in the plant sciences, and semi-professionals in the Master Gardener Program of volunteers.


Published: May 2001

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-158861-8


  • "The state purpose of this handbook is 'a reference for professionals in agriculture'...However, people with vegetable gardens should find this handbook helpful in the identification of insect invaders. ...highly recommended without reservations for all academic, public, and special library collections, which have concentrations in the areas of entomology, gardening, horticulture and plant science."
    ¿E-STREAMS (April 2002)

    "Vegetable scientists will benefit, as should dedicated cultivators, from this work. The exquisite details fleshing out each pest are meticulously culled from more than 3,000 (provided) references, carefully organized, and lucidly presented. ...The bredth, depth, and quality of coverage are impressive. This scholarly resource is the best yet on vegetable insects."
    ¿Marvin K. Harris for AMERICAN REFERENCE BOOKS ANNUAL (2002)
    "This definitive text is a model for the practical application of scientific knowledge to farming and horticulture. It is difficult to imagine a better-written and organized survey of knowledge related to pests. ...While this book is written for the professional, the intelligent inquirer of any level of curiosity will be by turns informed and astonished."
    "This is the best resource available on vegetable pests for the scholar or producer designing or conducting a management program. Highly recommended."
    ¿M.K. Harris, Texas A&M University, in CHOICE (December 2001)


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