Handbook of UV Degradation and Stabilization book cover

Handbook of UV Degradation and Stabilization

UV and other forms of radiation cause severe damage to a wide range of materials from living organisms to manufactured products. Plastics materials and products exposed to UV light suffer weakening, discoloring and degradation. In this book, George Wypych provides a comprehensive reference guide to help those working with plastics to limit this damage and deterioration through the use of UV stabilizers.

The author begins with physics of radiation energy, transmission, and absorption and their effect on materials. The wide range of UV stabilizers available in the market is discussed in terms of their chemistry, physical properties, application specifics, and effects on health and environment. The mechanisms and functionality of stabilizers are discussed and explained through mathematical modeling. Stabilizers are evaluated from the point of view of their effect on other additives in mixtures, and on the efficiency of the materials they are used in. Suggestions are given regarding the selection of stabilizers for different products and polymers.


Engineers and scientists designing with plastics, and formulating plastics materials.

Hardbound, 704 Pages

Published: October 2010

Imprint: Chemtec

ISBN: 978-1-895198-46-1


  • Introduction; Effect of sunlight and various forms of radiation on materials; Properties of commercial UV stabilizers; Methods of control and analysis; Mechanism of actions; Compatibility with other components of formulation; Physical properties of stabilizers; Effect of stabilizers on performance of final product; Use of stabilizers in different industrial products; Use of stabilizers in different polymers; Effect of processing methods on stabilizer activity; Mathematical modelling in UV stabilization; Health and safety; Environmental effect


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