Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers book cover

Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers

There are few if any adequate guides to the properties, processing, and applications of thermoplastic elastomers, in spite the skyrocketing rise in the use of these materials. Until now. This new book sets the standard for a reference on these materials by compiling in one comprehensive volume an applicable knowledge of the chemistry, processing, and all properties, and uses of thermoplastic elastomers.

Copiously illustrated and full of applicable processing and engineering data, this is the very definition of a ""definitive"" user's guide.

The book is a versatile reference that serves the needs of engineers, scientists, designers, buyers, processors and all who have to work with thermoplastic elastomers, including students.

Hardbound, 736 Pages

Published: August 2007

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-8155-1549-4


  • IntroductionBrief History of Thermoplastic Elastomers AdditivesProcessing Methods Applicable to Thermoplastic ElastomersStyrenic Block CopolymersThermoplastic Elastomers Prepared by Dynamic VulcanizationPolyolefin-Based Thermoplastic ElastomersThermoplastic Elastomers Based on Halogen-Containing PolyolefinsThermoplastic Polyurethane ElastomersThermoplastic Elastomers Based on PolyamidesThermoplastic Polyether Ester ElastomersIonomeric Thermoplastic ElastomersOther Thermoplastic ElastomersThermoplastic Elastomers Based on Recycled Rubber and PlasticsApplications of Thermoplastic ElastomersRecycling of Thermoplastic ElastomersRecent Developments and TrendsAppendix 1: Books, Conferences, Major Review ArticlesAppendix 2: Major Suppliers of Thermoplastic Elastomers and CompoundsAppendix 3: ISO Nomenclature for Thermoplastic ElastomersAppendix 4: Processing Data Sheets for Commercial Thermoplastic Elastomers and CompoundsAppendix 5: Technical Data Sheets for Commercial Thermoplastic Elastomers and CompoundsAppendix 6: Recent TPE PatentsGlossaryIndex


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