Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers book cover

Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers

Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers, Second Edition presents a comprehensive working knowledge of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), providing an essential introduction for those learning the basics, but also detailed engineering data and best practice guidance for those already involved in polymerization, processing, and part manufacture.

TPEs use short, cost-effective production cycles, with reduced energy consumption compared to other polymers, and are used in a range of industries including automotive, medical, construction and many more. This handbook provides all the practical information engineers need to successfully utilize this material group in their products, as well as the required knowledge to thoroughly ground themselves in the fundamental chemistry of TPEs. The data tables included in this book assist engineers and scientists in both selecting and processing the materials for a given product or application.

In the second edition of this handbook, all chapters have been reviewed and updated. New polymers and applications have been added - particularly in the growing automotive and medical fields - and changes in chemistry and processing technology are covered.


Engineers, product designers, scientists and academics in a variety of fields, including automotive, medical devices, construction, oil production/exploration/mining and consumer goods.

Hardbound, 464 Pages

Published: June 2014

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-323-22136-8


  • 1. Introduction
    2. A Brief History of Thermoplastics Elastomers
    3. Additives
    4. Processing Methods Used for Thermoplastic Elastomers
    5. Styrenic Block Copolymers
    6. Thermoplastic Elastomers Prepared by Dynamic Vulcanization
    7. Polyolefin-Based Thermoplastic Elastomers
    8. Thermoplastic Elastomers Based on Halogen-Containing Polyolefins
    9. Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomers
    10. Thermoplastic Elastomers Based on Polyamides
    11. Thermoplastic Polyether Ester Elastomers
    12. Ionomeric Thermoplastic Elastomers
    13. Other Thermoplastic Elastomers
    14. Thermoplastic Elastomers Based on Recycled Rubber and Plastics
    15. Applications of Thermoplastic Elastomers
    16. Recycling of Thermoplastic Elastomers
    17. Recent Developments and Trends
    7 Appendices including lists of major suppliers and compounds, ISO Nomenclature, and processing and technical data sheets


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