Handbook of Textile Fibres book cover

Handbook of Textile Fibres

Man-Made Fibres

This book offers a comprehensive survey of the man-made fibres, including rayons and other natural polymer fibres, and the true synthetic fibres which have made such rapid progress in modern times.

Paperback, 760 Pages

Published: January 1984

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-485-2


  • A. Natural polymer fibres: Celunose fibres; Cellulose fibres; Rayons; Cellulose ester fibres; Protein fibres; Miscellaneous natural polymer fibres. B. Synthetic fibres: Polyamide fibres; Polyester fibres; Polyvinyl derivative fibres; Polyolefin fibres; Polyurethane fibres; Miscellaneous synthetic fibres.


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