Handbook of Textile Fibres book cover

Handbook of Textile Fibres

Natural Fibres

A comprehensive survey of the natural fibres animal, vegetable and mineral on which we depended for our textiles until comparatively recently.

Those working in the textile industry and those teaching and studying textile science

Paperback, 240 Pages

Published: January 1984

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-484-5


  • Fibres for clothes; Natural fibres of vegetable origin: The bast fibres: Flax; Jute; Hemp; Sunn; Kenaf; Urena; Ramie; Nettle; The leaf fibres: Sisal; Henequen; Abaca (manila); Other leaf fibres; The seed and fruit fibres; Cotton; Miscellaneous seed and fruit fibres; Natural fibres of animal origin: Wool; Mohair; Camel hair; Cashmere; Persian goat hair; Llama; Alpaca; Huarizo; Vicuna; Guanaco; Fur fibres; Silk; Natural fibres of mineral origin: Asbestos; Directory of natural fibres.


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