Handbook of Textile Design book cover

Handbook of Textile Design

Designers in the textile industry have a wide range of roles and responsibilities and are frequently required to make design decisions throughout the manufacturing process. This very practical handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the role of the textile designer within the textile industry. It deals with the all aspects of the design process from the beginning - from how to go about attracting clients through range planning and development to presentation. It firmly locates the work of the textile designer within the wider context of the global textile and clothing industries and considers the process of design for both freelance and in-house designers. Commercial considerations are also covered, together with trend forecasting and the factors influencing purchasing decisions.

Based on the author's experience as a textile designer in industry and as a lecturer at UMIST, Manchester, UK, this book covers the entire textile design process from briefing through initial ideas, research and design development, to finished fabrics being sold to garment manufacturers and to retail. The Handbook of textile design is an invaluable reference for students of textile design as well as buyers and merchandisers of textile products, and anyone requiring an understanding of the textile design process.

Paperback, 160 Pages

Published: September 2001

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-573-6


  • Part 1 What does a textile designer do? An overview of textiles and textile design from fibre to product purchase; The different design disciplines within textiles and clothing; The textile design function; The principles and elements of textile design; Commercial aspects of textile design; The professional practice of design; Institutional and legal aspects; Designing for future fashion. Part 2 The processes of textile production and the designer’s relationship with them: Printing and printed textile design; Weave and woven textile design; Knitting, knitted fabric and knitwear design.


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