Handbook of Tensile Properties of Textile and Technical Fibres book cover

Handbook of Tensile Properties of Textile and Technical Fibres

Fibres usually experience tensile loads whether they are used for apparel or technical structures. Their form, which is long and fine, makes them some of the strongest materials available as well as very flexible. This book provides a concise and authoritative overview of tensile behaviour of a wide range of both natural and synthetic fibres used both in textiles and high performance materials.

After preliminary chapters that introduce the reader to tensile properties, failure and testing of fibres, the book is split into two parts. Part one examines tensile properties and failure of natural fibres, such as cotton, hemp, wool and silk. Part two discusses the tensile properties and failure of synthetic fibres ranging from polyamide, polyester and polyethylene fibres to carbon fibres. Many chapters also provide a general background to the fibre, including the manufacture, microstructure, factors that affect tensile properties as well as methods to improve tensile failure.

With its distinguished editor and array of international contributors, Handbook of tensile properties of textile and technical fibres is an important reference for fibre scientists, textile technologists and engineers, as well as those in academia.

Hardbound, 696 Pages

Published: October 2009

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-387-9


  • Introduction to fibre tensile properties and failure; Tensile testing of textile fibres. Part 1 Tensile properties and failure of natural fibres: Tensile properties of cotton fibres; Tensile properties of hemp and agave americana fibres; Tensile failure of wool; Types, structure and mechanical properties of silk; Structure and behaviour of collagen fibers. Part 2 Tensile properties and failure of synthetic fibres: Manufacturing, properties and tensile failure of nylon fibres; The chemistry, manufacture and tensile behaviour of polyester fibres; Tensile properties of polypropylene fibres; Tensile fatigue of thermoplastic fibres; Liquid crystalline organic fibres and their mechanical behaviour; The manufacture, properties and applications of high strength, high modulus polyethylene fibers; Tensile failure of polyacrylonitrile fibres; Structure and properties of glass fibres; Tensile failure of carbon fibres; The mechanical behaviour of small diameter silicon carbide fibres; The structure and tensile properties of continuous oxide fibers.


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