Handbook of Teaching and Learning for Physical Therapists book cover

Handbook of Teaching and Learning for Physical Therapists

Whether you are practicing in an in-patient or an out-patient facility, academic institution, or clinical residency program, this well-respected handbook gives you the background and guidance you need to effectively educate individuals across the continuum of physical therapy practice. Practical, real-life examples show you how to: incorporate health literacy and needs of the learner; assess and adapt to the various learning styles of patients; use simulations in education; facilitate the development of clinical reasoning skills; and assess learning outcomes and the effectiveness of your teaching. Plus, four all-new chapters and major revisions of all content throughout the book keep you on top of the latest research and best practices.


Published: June 2012

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-5040-5


  • "This book successfully fulfills its aim in demonstrating the various aspects of education in both academic and clinical practice environments. The information is well suited to academics, clinical instructors, and a graduate students alike...The use of appropriate examples to formulate the background for each chapter, the threshold concepts concluding the chapter's important take-home message, and the appendices at the end of each chapter further enhances the book's messages...Overall, this valuable publication is a fantastic resource which will help every academic, graduate student, an demonstrator to carry out effective teaching and learning in an academnic or clinical environment, and is highly recommended."

    Physical Therapy Reviews, October 2013


  • Section I: Education in the Academic Environment

    1. Curriculum Design for Physical Therapy Educational Programs
    2. From Curriculuar Goals to Instruction: Preparing to Teach
    3. Teaching and Learning in Academic Settings
    4. Physical Therapy Education in the Digital Age: Leveraging Technologies to Promote Learning
    5. Assessing and Improving the Teaching and Learning Process in Academic Settings
    6. Authentic Assessment: Simulation-Based Education NEW!
    7. Strategies for Planning and Implementing Interprofessional Education NEW!
    8. Section II: Education in Practice Environments

    9. Preparation for Teaching in Clinical Settings
    10. Techniques for Teaching in Clinical Settings
    11. What Makes a Good Clinical Teacher? NEW!
    12. Facilitating the Teaching and Learning of Clinical Reasoning NEW!
    13. Patient Education and Health Literacy NEW!
    14. Applied Behavioral Theory and Adherence: Models for Practice NEW!
    15. Teaching and Learning Psychomotor Skills
    16. Community Health Promotion: Evolving Opportunities for Physical Therapists
    17. Post-Professional Clinical Residency and Fellowship Education


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