Handbook of Statistics


Edited by

  • C.R. Rao, The Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA
  • Sandip Sinharay, MS and PhD in Statistics, Iowa State University, Ames, U.S.A., Educational Testing Service, Princeton, U.S.A.

The area of Psychometrics, a field encompassing the statistical methods used in Psychological and educational testing, has become a very important and active area of research, evident from the large body of literature that has been developed in the form of books, volumes and research papers.Mainstream statisticians also have found profound interest in the field because of its unique nature.This book presents a state of the art exposition of theoretical, methodological and applied issues in Psychometrics. This book represents a thorough cross section of internationally renowned thinkers who are inventing methods for dealing with recent challenging psychometric problems.Key Features/- Emphasis on the most recent developments in the field- Plenty of real, often complicated, data examples to demonstrate the applications of the statistical techniques- Information on available software
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Psychometricians, Statisticians and Psychologists.


Book information

  • Published: November 2006
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-52103-3

Table of Contents

1. History and overview of psychometrics (L.V. Jones and D. Thissen)
2. Classical test theory (C. Lewis)
3. Validity: foundational issues and statistical methodology (B.D. Zumbo)
4. Reliability and generalizability theory (N.M. Webb, R.J. Shavelson and E.H. Haertel)
5. Differential item functioning and item bias (R.D. Penfield and G. Camilli)
6. Equating test scores (P.W. Holland, N.J. Dorans and N.S. Petersen)
7. Electronic essay grading (S.J. Haberman)
8. Some matrix results useful in psychometric research (C.R. Rao)
9. Factor Analysis (H. Yanai and M. Ichikawa)
10. Structural equation modeling (K.-H. Yuan and P.M. Bentler)
11. Applications of multidimensional scaling in psychometrics (Y. Takane)
12. Multilevel models in psychometrics (F. Steele and H. Goldstein)
13. Latent class analysis in psychometrics (C.M. Dayton and G.B. Macready)
14. Random-effects models for preference data (U. Böckenholt and R.-C. Tsai)
15. Item response theory in a general framework (R.D. Bock and I. Moustaki)
16. Rasch models (G.H. Fischer)
17. Hierarchicam item response theory models (M.S. Johnson, S. Sinharay and E.T. Bradlow)
18. Multidimensional item response theory (M.D. Reckase)
19. Mixture distribution item response models (M. von Davier and J. Rost)
20. Scoring open ended questions (G. Maris and T. Bechger)
21. Assessing the fit of item response theory models (H. Swaminathan, R.K. Hambleton and H.J. Rogers)
22. Nonparametric item response theory and special topics (K. Sijtsma and R.R. Meijer)
23. Automatic item generation and cognitive psychology (S. Embretson and X. Yang)
24. Statistical inference for causal effects, with emphasis on applications in psychometrics and education (D.B. Rubin)
25. Statistical aspects of adaptive testing (W.J. van der Linden and C.A.W. Glas)
26. Bayesian Psychometric modeling from an evidence-centered design perspective (R.J. Mislevy and R. Levy)
27. Value-added modeling (H. Braun and H. Wainer)
28. Three statistical paradoxes in the interpretation of group differences: illustrated with medical school admission and licencing data (H. Wainer and L.M. Brown)
29. Meta-analysis (L.W. Hedges)
30. Vertical scaling: statistical models for measuring growth and achievement (R.J. Patz and L. Yao)
31. Cognitive Diagnosis - part I: (L.V. Dibello, L.A. Roussos and W. Stout) - part II: (S.J. Haberman and M. von Davier)
32. Marginal Estimation of Populalation characteristics: recent developments and future directions (M. von Davier, S. Sinharay, A. Oranje and A. Beaton)
33. Statistical procedures used in college admissions testing (J. Liu, D.J. Harris and A. Schmidt)
34. Integration of models (R.L. Brennan, D.R. Eignor, M.J. Gierl, J.P. Leighton, I. Lawrence, N. Kingston, P. Sanders and C. Schmeiser)
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