Handbook of Statistics 6: Sampling

Edited by

  • P.R. Krishnaiah
  • C.R. Rao

This volume is devoted to Sample Surveys, which is the most widely used method in statistical practice. It covers many theoretical and practical aspects of social and biological investigations, and is a valuable guide for those involved in designing sample surveys.
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Book information

  • Published: July 1988
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-70289-0


The volume, as also the whole project, will serve as an excellent reference source for at least the next ten years and the book can be recommended to every researcher and practitioner in this field.

... this handbook is a most valuable reference for the applied econometrician and the empirically working social scientist.
Journal of Economics
... this volume is a must for university libraries and for everybody working in the field of sample surveys.
Statistical Papers

Table of Contents

A Brief History of Random Sampling Methods (D.R. Bellhouse). A First Course in Survey Sampling (T. Dalenius). Optimality of Sampling Strategies (A. Chaudhuri). Simple Random Sampling (P.K. Pathak). On Single State Unequal Probability Sampling (V.P. Godambe, M.E. Thompson). Systematic Sampling (D.R. Bellhouse). Systematic Sampling with Illustrative Examples (M.N. Murthy, T.J. Rao). Sampling in Time (D.A. Binder, M.A. Hidiroglou). Bayesian Inference in Finite Populations (W.A. Ericson). Inference Based on Data from Complex Sample Designs (G. Nathan). Inference for Finite Population Quantiles (J. Sedransk, P.J. Smith). Asymptotics in Finite Population Sampling (P.K. Sen). The Technique of Replicated or Interpenetrating Samples (J.C. Koop). On the Use of Models in Sampling from Finite Populations (I. Thompson, D. Tesfu). The Prediction Approach to Sampling Theory (R.M. Royall). Sample Survey Analysis: Analysis of Variance and Contingency Tables (D.H. Freeman, Jr.). Variance Estimation in Sample Surveys (J.N.K. Rao). Ratio and Regression Estimators (P.S.R.S. Rao). Role and Use of Composite Sampling and Capture-Recapture Sampling in Ecological Studies (M.T. Boswell, K.P. Burnham, G.P. Patil). Data-Based Sampling and Model-Based Estimation for Environmental Resources (G.P. Patil et al.). On Transect Sampling to Assess Wildlife Populations and Marine Resources (F.L. Ramsey et al.). A Review of Current Survey Sampling Methods in Marketing Research: Telephone, Mail Intercept and Panel Surveys (R. Velu, G.M. Naidu). Observational Errors in Behavioural Traits of Man and their Implications for Genetics (P.V. Sukhatme). Designs in Survey Sampling Avoiding Contiguous Units (A.S. Hedayat, C.R. Rao, J. Stufken). Index.