Handbook of Statistics 13: Design and Analysis of Experiments

Edited by

  • S. Ghosh, University of California, Riverside, CA, USA
  • C.R. Rao, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA

The purpose of this volume of the Handbook of Statistics is to provide the reader with the state-of-the-art of statistical design and methods of analysis that are available, as well as the frontiers of research activities in developing new and better methods for performing such tasks. Scientific experiments in medicine, industry, agriculture, computer and many other disciplines are covered. Statistical methods like parametric, semiparametric, nonparametric, adaptive, univariate, multivariate, frequentist and Bayesian, are discussed. Block, row-column, nested, factorial, response surface, spatial, robust, optimum, search, singlestage, multistage, exact and approximate designs are presented. The chapters are written in expository style and will be of value to students, researchers, consultants and practitioners in universities as well as industries.
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Book information

  • Published: November 1996
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-82061-7


...A good overview of the developments in this area.
Mathematical Review, 1999

...this is truly an impressive collection of research work...
Technometrics, 2000

Table of Contents

Preface. Contributors. The Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials (P. Armitage). Clinical Trials in Drug Development: Some Statistical Issues (H.I. Patel). Optimal Crossover Designs (J. Stufken). Design and Analysis of Experiments: Nonparametric Methods with Applications to Clinical Trials (P.K. Sen). Adaptive Designs for Parametric Models (S. Zacks). Observational Studies and Nonrandomized Experiments (P.R. Rosenbaum). Robust Design: Experiments for Improving Quality (D.M. Steinberg). Analysis of Location and Dispersion Effects from Factorial Experiments with a Directional Response (C.M. Anderson-Cook). Computer Experiments (J.R. Koehler, A.B. Owen). A Critique of Some Aspects of Experimental Design (J.N. Srivastava). Response Surface Designs (N.R. Draper, D.K.J. Lin). Multiresponse Surface Methodology (A.I. Khuri). Sequential Assembly of Fractions in Factorial Experiments (S. Ghosh). Designs for Nonlinear and Generalized Linear Models (A.C. Atkinson, L.M. Haines). Spatial Experimental Design (R.J. Martin). Design of Spatial Experiments: Model Fitting and Prediction (V. Fedorov). Design of Experiments with Selection and Ranking Goals (S.S. Gupta, S. Panchapakesan). Multiple Comparisons (A.C. Tamhane). Nonparametric Methods in Design and Analysis of Experiments (E. Brunner, M.L. Puri). Nonparametric Analysis of Experiments (A.M. Dean, D.A. Wolfe). Block and Other Designs Used in Agriculture (D.J. Street). Block Designs: Their Combinatorial and Statistical Properties (T. Caliński, S. Kageyama). Developments in Incomplete Block Designs for Parallel Line Bioassays (S. Gupta, R. Mukerjee). Row-Column Designs (K.R. Shah, B.K. Sinha). Nested Designs (J.P. Morgan). Optimal Design: Exact Theory (C.-S. Cheng). Optimal and Efficient Treatment-Control Designs (D. Majumdar). Model Robust Designs (Y.-J. Chang, W.I. Notz). Review of Optimal Bayes Designs (A. DasGupta). Approximate Designs for Polynomial Regression: Invariance, Admissibility, and Optimality (N. Gaffke, B. Heiligers). Subject Index. Contents of Previous Volumes