Handbook of Statistics 10: Signal Processing and its Applications

Edited by

  • N.K. Bose
  • C.R. Rao, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA

This volume of the Handbook of Statistics presents a state-of-the art exposition of current topics in signal/image processing. It provides an excellent balance between both theory and applications. The collection of chapters deals with topics such as fast computations and transforms in signal processing, sampling theorems, parameter estimation and signal modeling, image and multidimensional signal processing, array processing, direction-of-arrival estimation, beamforming, adaptive algorithms, multiscale signal processing and wavelet transforms. Other subjects include VLSI implementations in hardware, image gathering and video coding, spectrum estimation, neural net sensor fusion, hidden Markov models with applications in speech recognition, design of special types of digital filter structures (and innovative methods for performance evaluation of such structures), as well as more general systems which are encountered in signal processing and related control problems. The breadth of coverage as well as the depth of presentation in a readable manner makes this book invaluable as a tutorial as well as for research. The topics and their exposition should be of value to students, practitioners, and researchers in universities and industries because of their solid theoretical content. The subjects have potential as well as proven scope for applications in consumer products and in strategic planning for surveillance and defense.
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Book information

  • Published: September 1993
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-89205-8

Table of Contents

Signal Processing for Linear Instrumental Systems with Noise: A General Theory with Illustrations from Optical Imaging and Light Scattering Problems (M. Bertero, E.R. Pike). Boundary Implication Results in Parameter Space (N.K. Bose). Sampling of Bandlimited Signals: Fundamental Results and Some Extensions (J.L. Brown, Jr.). Localization of Sources in a Sector: Algorithms and Statistical Analysis (K. Buckley, X.-L. Xu). The Signal Subspace Direction-of-Arrival Algorithm (J.A. Cadzow). Digital Differentiators (S.C. Dutta Roy, B. Kumar). Orthogonal Decompositions of 2D Random Fields and their Applications for 2D Spectral Estimation (J.M. Francos). VLSI in Signal Processing (A. Ghouse). Constrained Beam Forming and Adaptive Algorithms (L.C. Godara). Bispectral Speckle Interferometry to Reconstruct Extended Objects from Turbulence-Degraded Telescope Images (D.M. Goodman et al.). Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing (K. Hirano). On the Assessment of Visual Communication (F.O. Huck et al.). VLSI Implementations of Number Theoretic Concepts with Applications in Signal Processing (G.A. Jullien, N.M. Wigley, J. Reilly). Decision-level Neural Net Sensor Fusion (R.Y. Levine, T.S. Khuon). Statistical Algorithms for Noncasual Gauss Markov Fields (J.M.F. Moura, N. Balram). Subspace Methods for Directions-of-Arrival Estimation (A. Paulraj et al.). Closed Form Solution to the Estimates of Directions of Arrival Using Data from an Array of Sensors (C.R. Rao, B. Zhou). High-Resolution Direction-Finding (S.V. Schell, W.A. Gardner). Multiscale Signal Processing Techniques: A Review (A.H. Tewfik, M. Kim, M. Deriche). Sampling Theorems and Wavelets (G.G. Walter). Image and Video Coding Research (J.W. Woods). Fast Algorithms for Structured Matrices in Signal Processing (A.E. Yagle). Subject Index. Contents of Previous Volumes.