Handbook of Statistics 1: Analysis of Variance

Edited by

  • P.R. Krishnaiah

This first volume in the series is devoted to the area of analysis of variance (ANOVA), which was developed by R.A. Fischer and others, and has emerged as a very important branch of statistics. The most useful techniques in univariate and multivariate ANOVA are covered in this volume. The chapters are written by prominent workers in the field for persons who are not specialists on the topic. The volume is of value to the whole statistics community, as well as to scientists in other disciplines who are interested in statistical methodology. The volume is dedicated to the memory of the late Henry Scheffé.
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Book information

  • Published: January 1984
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-85335-6


... an excellent reference book...
Journal of Statistical Research

The articles are authoritative, their authors being persons with many previous research publications on the topics of their articles.
Mathematical Reviews

Table of Contents

Estimation of Variance Components (C.R. Rao, J. Kleffe). Multivariate Analysis of Variance of Repeated Measurements (N.H. Timm). Growth Curve Analysis (S. Geisser). Bayesian Inference in MANOVA (S.J. Press). Graphical Methods for Internal Comparisons in ANOVA and MANOVA (R. Gnanadesikan). Monotonicity and Unbiasedness Properties of ANOVA and MANOVA Tests (S.D. Gupta). Robustness of ANOVA and MANOVA Test Procedures (P.K. Ito). Analysis of Variance and Problems under Time Series Models (D.R. Brillinger). Tests of Univariate and Multivariate Normality (K.V. Mardia). Transformations to Normality (G. Kaskey et al.). ANOVA and MANOVA: Models for Categorical Data (V.P. Bhapkar). Inference and the Structural Model for ANOVA and MANOVA (D.A.S. Fraser). Inference Based on Conditionally Specified ANOVA Models Incorporating Preliminary Testing (T.A. Bancroft, C.-P. Han). Quadratic Forms in Normal Variables (C.G. Khatri). Generalized Inverse of Matrices and Applications to Linear Models (S.K. Mitra). Likelihood Ratio Tests for Mean Vectors and Covariance Matrices (P.R. Krishnaiah, J.C. Lee). Assessing Dimensionality in Multivariate Regression (A.J. Izenman). Parameter Estimation in Nonlinear Regression Models (H. Bunke). Early History of Multiple Comparison Tests (H.L. Harter). Representations of Simultaneous Pairwise Comparisons (A.R. Sampson). Simultaneous Test Procedures for Mean Vectors and Covariance Matrices (P.R. Krishnaiah, G.S. Mudholkar, P. Subbaiah). Nonparametric Simultaneous Inference for Some MANOVA Models (P.K. Sen). Comparison of Some Computer Programs for Univariate and Multivariate Analysis of Variance (R.D. Bock, D. Brandt). Computations of Some Multivariate Distributions (P.R. Krishnaiah). Inference on the Structure of Interaction in a Two-Way Classification Model (P.R. Krishnaiah, M.G. Yochmowitz). Index.