Handbook of Small Animal Oral Emergencies book cover

Handbook of Small Animal Oral Emergencies

This practical and readable handbook is written for the non-specialist. The useful guidelines provided enable the veterinarian to deal with the everyday oral emergencies which are encountered in practice. Prompt management of many disorders at an early stage will help to maintain teeth which would otherwise need to be extracted. Simple atraumatic techniques for jaw fracture repair are described. The pathophysiology of the tooth and periapical region is also covered in detail. A more complete understanding of the pathophysiology of the region allows a correct diagnosis and choice of treatment. The firstline treatments are described in a step-by-step approach with numerous clear illustrations to enhance understanding. This book serves as an ideal supplement to the highly successful Handbook of Small Animal Dentistry. It follows a similar style and is specially bound to facilitate easy use. This addition to the acclaimed Pergamon Veterinary Handbook Series will prove to be an invaluable asset for any small animal practice.

For veterinarians and veterinary students.


Published: July 1993

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-042270-1


  • ...an essential reference on oral trauma and pathology that really no serious practice library should be without.
    Simon D.G. Guiton, FAB Journal, 1994


  • Preface. Introduction. Dental Radiography and Radilogy. Infective Conditions. Soft Tissue Trauma. Traumatic Tooth Injuries. Jaw Fractures. Malocclusions. Index.


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