Handbook of Production Management Methods book cover

Handbook of Production Management Methods

This unique book provides a guide to the selection of appropriate production and manufacturing methods for postgraduate and professional manufacturing engineers.It starts by helping the reader to identify the required objectives of industrial management for their particular situation. Having identified the objectives an analytical assessment of the available production and management methods is made. The analytical system presents an objective method of production selection. For example, this practical book will help the reader to decide whether or not a local Just-in-Time process is needed or a full chain JIT method is needed. Alternatively the problem may be deciding between set-up time reduction or changeover time reduction. Should TQM be ceded to PCIs? This book covers nearly all methods of production and manufacturing and will prove the most comprehensive guide to choosing and using these methods.

Postgraduate students and industrial managers in manufacturing industry and academia. Relevant to all industries from food to cars to microchips and aircraft.

Hardbound, 313 Pages

Published: October 2001

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-5088-5


  • Chapter 1: TRENDS IN MANUFACTURING METHODS; Chapter 2: LIST OF MANUFACTURING METHODS - 2.1 List of manufacturing methods, 2.2 Classification of methods by type, 2.3 Mapping the methods by main class; Chapter 3: MAPPING SYSTEMS- 3.1 Mapping by method objective, 3.2 Mapping by functions that the method focuses on, 3.3 Mapping the manufacturing methods; Chapter 4: DECISION-MAKING- METHOD SELECTION- 4.1 Objective Grading Tables, 4.2 Function Grading Tables, 4.3 General selection method - based on the decision table technique, 4.4 Summary; Chapter 5: 110 MANUFACTURING METHODS - 5.1 Introduction to manufacturing methods, 5.2 Brief descriptions of the 110 manufacturing methods. Index.


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