Handbook of Polymer Applications in Medicine and Medical Devices book cover

Handbook of Polymer Applications in Medicine and Medical Devices

While the prevalence of plastics and elastomers in medical devices is now quite well known, there is less information available covering the use of medical devices and the applications of polymers beyond medical devices, such as in hydrogels, biopolymers and silicones beyond enhancement applications, and few books in which these are combined into a single reference.

This book is a comprehensive reference source, bringing together a number of key medical polymer topics in one place for a broad audience of engineers and scientists, especially those currently developing new medical devices or seeking more information about current and future applications. In addition to a broad range of applications, the book also covers clinical outcomes and complications arising from the use of the polymers in the body, giving engineers a vital insight into the real world implications of the devices they’re creating. Regulatory issues are also covered in detail. The book also presents the latest developments on the use of polymers in medicine and development of nano-scale devices.


Engineers and Scientists involved in the design, manufacture, development, technical support and marketing of medical devices and materials used in medical device manufacture. Other professionals involved in the medical device industry or the clinical use of medical devices.

Hardbound, 368 Pages

Published: December 2013

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-323-22805-3


    1. Introduction and History
    2. Application of Plastics in Medical Devices and Equipment
    3. Polymer Considerations in Medical Device Design
    4. Nanomedical Devices
    5. Biofilms, Biomaterials, and Device Related Infections
    6. Adhesives for Medical and Dental Applications
    7. Review of Research in Cardiovascular Devices
    8. Medical Applications of Silicones
    9. Corporate Considerations on Biomaterials and Medical Devices
    10. Polymeric Biomaterials
    11. Applications of Polyaryletheretherketone in Spinal Implants
    12. Miscellaneous Drugs, materials, medical devices, and techniques
    13. Intubation, Rescue Devices, and Airway Adjuncts
    14. Hydrogels in Regenerative Medicine
    15. Aerosol Therapy and Delivery Systems
    16. Biodegradable Polymers
    17. Regulations for Medical Devices and Application to Plastics Suppliers
    18. Introduction to Food Irradiation and Medical Sterilization
    19. Microbubble Imaging and Diagnosis

    Appendix - Medical Device Definition and Classification


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