Handbook of Plastic Foams

Types, Properties, Manufacture and Applications


  • Arthur H. Landrock, PLASTEC (retired)

This book is intended to be a source of practical information on all types of plastic foams (cellular plastics) in use, including the new structural plastic foams. Elastomer (rubber-like) foams are also considered. The book is intended primarily for those who require a non-theoretical, authoritative, easy-to-use handbook in the subject area. It should be of value to materials engineers, plastics fabricators, chemists, chemical engineers and students. Recognized authorities have written several chapters and parts of chapters in their fields of expertise. The book is organized in such a way that information on a desired subject can be found rapidly. An unusual feature is a comprehensive listing of all known standardization documents (test methods, practices, and specifications), including some international standards. Each document includes a brief description of its contents.
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Materials engineers, plastics fabricators, chemists, chemical engineers and students.


Book information

  • Published: December 1995
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1357-5


"...a very practical book on plastic foams..." - Polymer News

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Foams and Foam Formation Introduction CFC Effects and Alternatives Fundamentals of Foam Formation References2. Thermosetting Foams Introduction Isocyanate-Based Foams References for Isocyanate-Based Foams Pyranyl Foams References for Pyranyl Foams Syntactic Foams References for Syntactic Foams Foamed Composites References for Foamed Composites Phenolic Foams References for Phenolic Foams3. Thermoplastic Foams Introduction Structural Foams (Rigid Foams) Semi-Rigid Foams References4. Elastomeric Foams Introduction Types of Elastomeric Foams References5. Miscellaneous and Specialty Foams Epoxy Foams Polyester Foams Silicone Foams Urea-Formaldehyde (UF) Foams Polybenzimidazole (PBI) Foams Polyimide Foams Polyphosphazene Foams Syntactic Foams References6. Solvent Cementing and Adhesive Bonding of Foams Introduction Solvent Cementing Adhesive Bonding References7. Additives, Fillers and Reinforcements Introduction Antistats (Antistatic Agents) Blowing Agents Foaming Agents Catalysts Fire Retardants (Flame Retardants) Mold-Release Agents (Parting Agents) Nucleating Agents (Nucleators) Reinforcements Stabilizers Surfactants References8. Methods of Manufacture Introduction Molding Spraying Frothing Laminating Structural Foam Preparation Syntactic Foam Preparation Foam-in-Place (Foam-in-Bag) Techniques References9. Sources of Information Introduction Journals and Other Periodicals Books Conferences, Proceedings, Technical Bulletins, and Technical Reports10. Test Methods Introduction Compilation of Standard Test Methods Discussion of Selected Test Methods Special Non-Standardized Test Methods11. Standardization Documents Introduction Industry Standards Military Standards Military Handbooks Federal Specifications ISO Standards References Glossary Index